Attorney General Brad Schimel says Wisconsin farmers who grow industrial hemp can produce CBD oil from it.

We are grateful and happy to announce that the good people of Wisconsin are supporting their farmers and supporting their Industrial Hemp Pilot Programs that are fully compliant with Federal Law (Farm Bill) and Wisconsin Act 100 (which mirrors the Farm Bill's requirements of a THC Concentration of no more than 0.3% per dry-weight).

On May 9th, Wisconsin officials met to discuss the legality of CBD derived from Hemp produced under the state's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

The meeting consisted of Brad Schimel and his staff, the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation (WFBF), Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and members of the Wisconsin State Legislature to discuss and remove any confusion surrounding the legal implications of Wisconsin's new Industrial Hemp Research Program.

Attorney General Brad Schimel supports Wisconsin Farmers and supports the CBD Oil Market that consist of products containing CBD extracted from Industrial Hemp by working diligently to clearly define Industrial Hemp's legality in Wisconsin and by consistently voicing his support for Industrial Hemp and its multitude of potential uses.

Visit the following link for a complete article from the Wisconsin Farmer revealing what was discussed during the meeting and what to expect moving forward.

Click Here for the full story.


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